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For Physicians, do your patients need more support than you have time to provide?

For Physicians ...

Do your patients need more support than you have time to provide?

Are you frustrated that you don't have enough time to support and educate your patients more closely on healthy habits and behavior change?

Are your patients frustrated because they need more hand-holding and accountability than you have time to give?

As a doctor, your time is a premium. In your patient encounters, you may only have time to make recommendations and outline a plan ... but some of your patients need close support and assistance in actually implementing that plan. 

That's exactly where I come in!

As a health coach, my job is to coach people through the lifestyle changes needed to lose weight, quit smoking, implement an exercise regime, improve their sleep, manage stress, and self-efficacy.

I can help your patients ensure they understand the care plan you created for them. I work closely with them, to implement the complex lifestyle changes that are often required to make significant improvements in their health.

I can help your patients achieve their health goals 800x533

I can help your patients achieve their health goals.



In fact, the American Medical Association has this to say:

"Health coaching is a team-based approach that helps patients gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their care. The old saying, 'Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime' demonstrates the difference between rescuing a patient and coaching a patient. Patients with chronic conditions need to learn how to fish. Health coaching can be supplemented with health literacy strategies and effective communication techniques, such as ask-tell-ask, teach-back and/or action planning to ensure patient comprehension of their care plans and help them achieve their goals."


Some of my happy clients …

Liga S. Photo 400x400

Madelaine helped me in so many ways during my weight loss journey. During our sessions, I gained huge insight into who I am and created practical action steps to help me move forward in achieving my health goals. She created a safe space where I can openly share my thoughts and I felt like I can truly trust her. I gained confidence and became more comfortable in my body. I'm more focused, excited and aligned with my ideal self. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a health coach and need guidance in living a healthier lifestyle.

Liga S.
Riga, LV

Edward W. Photo 400x400

Coach Madelaine taught me the LEAN principles of health so I can feel good even in my sixties. My blood sugar was lowered and I even lost weight. The coaching that I received has improved my health and outlook with better nutrition and lifestyle changes that are simple and easy to implement. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for the guidance that my health coach has provided me. She is definitely my go-to person whenever I have any questions about prevention of chronic diseases, better performance and having a quality purpose-filled life.

Edward W.
Indiana, USA

How do my services work?

who is a good candidate for referral?

I typically work with women who are mothers of school-aged children, who wants to prioritize their health and their family's health, while trying to juggle the demands of a busy lifestyle.

The ideal candidate is highly motivated to make changes to her and her loved ones lifestyle, but needs guidance and support to implement healthy changes.

What's next?

Download the referral form below, fill-out the information, then save and send it over to [email protected]. You can also text or call me directly at 413-829-0395 if you have further questions.

Once you make the referral, I'll get in touch with your patient directly to discuss their options. You'll then get an email from me to let you know what the patient has decided to do, their program goal and plan of action.

It takes a TEAM to lead a person to Wellness

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