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Corporate and Workplace Wellness

The success of any company depends very heavily on the productivity and work performance of its human resources. The ability to function and perform at a high level consistently is greatly aided by Employee Wellness Programs. The introduction of such programs has been successful in that the results are beneficial for both the employee and the company at large. My wellness programs offer weight loss, stress management, plant based nutrition, meditation exercises and other benefits. We focus on the physical well being of employees, looking after medical requirements and ensuring personal health is a priority

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Improving and maintaining their health and wellness with comprehensive and custom health solutions is vital, as healthier people produce stronger results, and are ultimately more engaged and effective in the workplace.

Because of the high-tech, high-stress contemporary corporate workplace, today’s professionals are in more need of health and wellness than ever before. A happier, healthier, more balanced employee yields more productivity, increased focus, and enhanced creativity that is invaluable in a competitive marketplace.

According the Harvard Business Review, every dollar invested in employee wellness programs can yield up to $6 in health care savings. That goes right to your company’s bottom line!

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How will my program help?

Decreased Health Insurance Costs

Health insurance premiums are rising exponentially every year. The cost is rapidly rising to the point where employers have to find new ways to reduce their health expenses. Wellness Programs have shown incredible returns and remarkable results. Health costs for those companies using Employee Wellness for Reduced Sick Leave. Wellness Programs have had a lasting impact on the cost of sick leave. Through education, training regimes and lifestyle management these types of programs have considerably reduced the cost of sick leave.

Increased Productivity

The main aim of an Employee Wellness Program is to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles. This is effected through education, incentives and health care directed by the company and the Wellness Program. It is proven that when an employee is healthy they are more productive. Being healthy increases concentration, energy levels, and output. It also ensures you are able to consistently perform at the desired level. Increased productivity in the workplace is a by-product of the success of Wellness Programs.

Reduced Overall Costs

Employee Wellness Programs have a range of benefits for employers. Both quantifiable figures and intangible results highlight these. For the company as a whole one of the most significant benefits is the reduction in overall company costs. It is hard to quantify what you gain via increased morale, productivity and work performance however the reduced sick leave, absenteeism, and lower health costs contribute to a sizable reduction in overall costs.

Improved Work Performance

Employee Wellness cater Programs for all manner of health and lifestyle problems. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required. Lower medical costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Employees who participate in these programs have noted a substantial improvement in work performance. 

Decreased Health Care Costs

The implementation of Wellness Programs has proven effective in reducing company health care costs. The concept of a Wellness Program was introduced initially for dual purposes. Rising health costs meant employers were looking for a way to minimize the expense whilst maintaining healthy human resources. The inception of Wellness Programs provided an effective solution. Wellness Programs significantly reduce the high company cost of employee health care.

Increased Company Loyalty

Increased employee loyalty is another significant selling point for Employee Wellness Programs. This is one of those intangible benefits that you really can’t put a price on. Company loyalty means reduced costs in terms of recruitment and turnover. This also makes for a more harmonious working environment which helps find solutions to all manner of health and lifestyle problems. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required. Lower medical costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Employees who participate in these programs have noted a substantial improvement in work performance. Studies have shown that when top management and managers understand the benefits of wellness at work they are more apt to encourage their employees to attend wellness sessions, utilize vacation days and in return employees become more confident, take less sick days and collaborate and share ideas more often at work. The training includes the four pillars of health and wealth and what action steps are the most beneficial to encourage employees to become more active, healthy and save money for retirement.

Reduced Absenteeism 

There are many factors that influence a person’s health and well being. These could be minor infliction such as a cold or flu or major such as heart problems or obesity. Any of these could result in the employee taking time off work. The benefit of a Wellness Program is that this time will be significantly reduced, if together. For your company this is the bottom line, reduced absenteeism equals a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity. 

WorkPlace Morale

Wellness Programs cover a broad range of healthcare initiatives. From nutritional advice to exercise programs and medical cover, these programs look after diverse employee needs. The effectiveness of a Wellness Program in terms of the office environment is simple. Employees are healthy, therefore, on the whole, a lot happier; this equates to maximized performance. They are also aware that the company is taking measures to ensure their health and wellbeing this breeds loyalty and responsibility.

1 in 4 Americans reported feeling a lot of sadness the previous day, 28 % of US employees experience burnout on the job very often or always, and 7 in 10 people globally are struggling or suffering in their lives.

Organizations have the power and responsibility to improve their employees well-being. When leaders and managers cultivate the whole person at work -- not just the employee -- they promote the success of every individual in the organization. ​​

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Why Choose Workplace Wellness Programs and other Articles

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As your Corporate Wellness Expert, I partner with your HR team to bring Nutrition and Wellness knowledge into your workplace, as a personal health coach to you and your employees.

I offer On-Site Corporate Wellness Solutions to Promote Employee Wellness & Lower Healthcare Costs, which includes the following

online HEALTH & WELLNESS workshops

Providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities such as cooking and exercise. These workshops will be via webinar. Example workshop topic and descriptions below. Workshops will be customized for office and employee’s needs and employees receive handouts with information and healthy recipes.

Sample Descriptions:

Superfoods for Energy

Feeling low on energy no matter how many cups of coffee you drink or how many hours of sleep you get at night? This webinar will teach you simple changes to your diet and lifestyle that can help instantly boost your mood and energy. You’ll receive my BONUS  RECIPE GUIDE “Healthy Delicious, Energy Boosting Recipes” and learn.

Lose Weight with Healthy Eating

Do you feel like you eat healthy and have tried lots of diets out there but still struggle to lose weight & actually keep it off? There is so much misinformation out there on what we should be eating and what is healthy that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is best for you. I will share what healthy eating really looks like, debunk some of the myths and share the best ways to add healthy living into your work day. We’ll also incorporate some gentle movement and breathing exercises to help you stay more alert and focused during the day. During this webinar you’ll receive my BONUS RECIPE GUIDE “Healthy Recipes to Jumpstart Your Metabolism” and learn:

How to Curb Your Sugar Addiction

Do you try to eat healthy, but find you’re unable to resist cookies, donuts, a sugar-filled latte, chips, bread or other goodies? Sugar might be controlling YOU and your weight, instead of YOU controlling what you eat! The average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar a year, more than any other country in the world. Sugar in some form is found in almost everything and causes those “roller coaster” mood swings, irritation, exhaustion, headaches, intense cravings, and several other detrimental effects. Luckily, there’s a simple fix. This webinar will help you achieve lasting weight loss by breaking through sugar cravings — without deprivation or willpower so you can increase your energy levels, focus and concentration. You’ll receive my BONUS Guide “Healthy Treats to satisfy your sweet tooth and learn:

Seasonal Cleanse

Winter - Spring - Summer - Fall 

In this cleanse you will identify hidden food sensitivities. We’ll explore what foods work best (and which don’t) to give you optimum energy, kickstart changes in your body, and reduce your waistline. This will also help remove toxins from your body. Toxins are stored in fat cells. The more toxins stored in your body, the more fat your body needs to hold on to. Once you remove the toxins, your body will be able to release excess weight. I will take you step-by-step through a simple cleanse that will make a huge difference in how you feel and look – in just 7-14-21 days!

What's next?

I’d love to create a customized wellness solution for your company. Contact me today to discuss how we can design a personalized program to bring wellness and mental fitness into your workplace. You'll get a copy of my speaker sheet, a corporate wellness brochure for your company to review, and a particular plan related to your needs to help you make the right decision. We also refer other specialists to your organization such as Certified Personal Trainers, Registered Physical Therapists, Living Benefits Specialists and many more.

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