How "Bad Memories" Can Serve You

By Madelaine Romero - December 24, 2023
How "Bad Memories" Can Serve You

We are all subject to bad memories, ranging anywhere from embarrassing moments in our childhood to actual trauma through life. Negative memories always manage to find a way to haunt us, playing over and over again in our thoughts, popping up out of nowhere, or staying buried deep inside while affecting our actions and responses to daily stimuli. 

Regardless of how they show themselves, one thing is certain: there is no hiding from these bad memories. So, what is the key to dealing with them? The best course of action is to use these to our advantage, taking those bad memories from our past and using them to serve us for our present and our future. 


The concept of character building comes from the idea that after enduring hardships, our character- who we are, what we stand for, our values, and so on- become more attuned and strengthened. While this is not to say that all memories of negative experiences result in making us better people, it is certainly true that we can use these rough memories to help shape ourselves as better humans. 

The work that we put in to overcome rough times, the learning and self-understanding that we gain from such experiences, and the mental endurance it takes shape who we are. To try to view bad memories in a more constructive and positive way, take a moment to consider how those memories have affected who you are and make a plan for how you will use those memories to continue to strengthen yourself and shape those around you. 


Bad memories can be an extremely useful tool in making in our decision-making process. Frequently this happens subconsciously, as memories, both good and bad, affect our thought processes and day to day choices. 

But we also have the opportunity to tap into our negative memories when faced with difficult choices and allow them to guide us in a positive way. Memories of being bullied as a child, for example, can be applied to choices in how we treat others in adulthood; if you are haunted by memories of being bullied, use that to guide you in treating others kindly so they will not have to feel bad as you did.  

Memories of feeling left out can help guide you to be more inclusive to others. Daily life memories can also help shape better decisions and habits- forgetting your keys and getting locked out of the house for hours can help you to remember to always check for your keys before leaving. 

Even something as trivial as an embarrassing memory of stepping in dog poop can guide you to diligently clean up after your dog. Tap into your self-analytic skills and ask yourself how you can make better decisions for yourself, and others based on unpleasant moments from your past. 


Frequently, truly traumatic memories are repressed to avoid the unpleasantness of reliving these horrors and to cope with life. Unfortunately, these repressed memories seep subconsciously into our routine actions, interactions with others, and choices we make. 

This can lead to abusiveness, substance abuse and addition, and rage issues, as well as a number of other damaging lifestyle choices. Without knowing where these issues stem from, it is very difficult to practice self-analysis to turn these negative memories into a more positive outlook and improved living. 

Seeking professional help is crucial to discovering deeply repressed memories and helping to work through them. 

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