Improved time management has the most obvious benefit of helping you get more work done, but the benefits don’t end there.

Here are five benefits of time management that extend beyond the office.

1- Understand what’s important

Once you boost your time management skills, you develop a knack for what is truly important and what’s just filler.

For example, many people hop out of bed and check social media first thing in the morning. Someone with excellent time management skills might decide that there are better uses of their time, and be able to eliminate mindless scrolling through feeds of other peoples’ lives – with no personal benefit.

How much more productive could you be in life if you naturally excluded trivial tasks from your daily routine?

2- Boosts self-discipline

Excellent time management skills lead to improved self-discipline. Those who manage their time well know that not every task has to be pleasant, but have established systems in place for completing critical needs anyhow.

They know that getting the least pleasant things done first frees up time later, and experience more self-discipline because of this “do it; then it’s done” attitude.

3- Reduces stress

Managing your time well reduces stress because you get to eliminate the panicked feeling of being incapable of getting things done.

Considering what you need to do, then planning enough time to do each task plus a little buffer room for error, allows you to move through your days with ease and grace.

4- Improves health and well-being

Having a proper schedule or at least a general idea of what lies ahead of you can keep you healthy and ensure your well-being.

For example, if a tidy home, fully stocked fridge and nutritious home-cooked meals are important to you, yet you struggle to maintain these things during the work-week, you’ll budget the proper time to do your chores during the weekend.

Creating a habit of shopping, cooking and cleaning every Sunday evening, for example, makes these things a priority. You can rely on that block of time you’ve created to maintain excellent health and wellness, even with your hectic work life.

5- Improves your relationships

Finally, managing your time well improves your relationships. Spending time with family and friends is key to a happy, healthy life.

Managing your time is crucial if you expect to thrive in your professional life and enjoy a healthy social life. Friends and family members will feel loved and respected if you make quality time for them, keep your commitments and show that you are dependable.

Carving out time just for them makes you more enjoyable to be around, thus improving your most valuable relationships.

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